‘4.50 from Paddington’ by Agatha Christie

Publish date: 1957

Genre:  Crime novel


It was the first book written by Agatha Christie, I read. After reading it, I reached for the next one eagerly.

The woman on the way to her friend, Miss Marple – the amateur detective, is witness to a murder. She sees through the window that someone is strangling another woman. The body was not found, so the police do not believe the story. Miss Marple begins an investigation that leads to a series of new murders. Our detective sends her friend, Lucy Eyelesbarrow, to hire herself in the house of suspects. While working as a maid, Lucy reports exactly what is happening in the house, what allows to solve the mystery.

Miss Marple appears as an inquisitive old woman, who can connect to the facts. The real crime story in which you will not find new technologies to support the investigation. The answer is possible thanks to logical thinking and knowledge of human nature.

In my opinion worth reading.

My rate: 8/10


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