“The Iron King” by Maurice Druon

Publish date: 1955

Genre: Historical fiction

The first book in the series “The Accursed Kings”. The book tells the story of Philip the Fair, the king of France, who rules the country with an iron hand. The main plot twists are the Templars’ trial, which results in the Grand Master Jacques de Molay death and scandal in the royal family when it was discovered that the three wives of Philip’s sons are unfaithful.

The book itself is nicely written and easy to read. Maurice Druon did an incredible job presenting the characters. After introducing the characters to the book, I could understand their motives and what lies behind their thoughts. The story is great. Given that there are many references to French history, I learned a lot about France under the Capetian dynasty. I was so intrigued, what was fiction and what was the truth that I was looking for more information. And this is also a plus for me.

My rate: 8/10

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